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Anton Dabbs – Background

Anton Dabbs maintains an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic. Dabbs was a ASE master technician for many years and dedicided to explore business opportunities in the field. His experience eventually brought him to obtain a position being an inspector for extended warranty companies verifying the condition of vehicles before repair. This position opened a number of doors for Anton. Anton created Lemon Squad, which began in 2007. Lemon Squad grew to employ inspectors in every major metro area in the continental US. Lemon Squad also made its way to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Gaum.

Anton Dabbs became the CEO of Dabbs Holding LLC and sold Lemon Squad so that he could narrow his focus. Primarily looking at the automotive industry, Dabbs is in the position of consulting, mentorship and grooming, helping small businesses follow in his footsteps from humble beginnings to multi million dollar, nationwide entities. As his true passions lie with cars and motorcycles, Dabbs’s business ventures have historically been within that industry.

Current Ventures

Dabbs’s interest of building businesses and entrepreneurialism shows no signs of decreasing. Future opportunities will expand upon his background in the inspection industry as he rolls out the plans for a residential home inspection service. NationwideHomeInspections.com combines Anton’s extensive experience in the field of professional inspections with the business acumen that allows him to manage and grow a major, nationwide organization. Stay posted for additional information NationwideHomeInspections.com.

Personal Interest

Anton Dabbs is also an amateur photographer—a passion sparked by the countless photographs required during automotive inspections. Cars and motorcycles have been his natural muses, but his love of all things vintage has also prompted him to focus on architecture and antiques. He is available for shoots and a selection of his photos can be viewed online.

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